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    Make Sure You’re Heard As your Member of Parliament for Calgary Confederation, it is my job to represent you in Ottawa. To effectively represent you I use a variety of methods to gauge your ...

MP Report – Summer Jobs Program 2019

530 New Jobs for Calgary Confederation I am pleased to announce that Calgary Confederation will see 530 jobs created this summer through community groups, small businesses and non-profit organizations with funding from the Canada Summer Jobs program. This is a substantial increase from 2017’s ... Full Article

MP Report – Just Words

Just Words I remember in school when a bully was confronted by a teacher after being caught picking on a fellow student.  The bully said, “I’m not hurting anyone, they are just words.” What we witnessed during the recent election campaign and what we see on the internet every day is far ... Full Article

MP Report – It’s In You To Give

April 2019 It’s in you to give! April is ‘Be a Donor Month’ and is an opportunity to encourage Canadians to become a registered organ and tissue donor. My Private Member’s Bill C-316 would dramatically improve organ and tissue donation by amending the annual tax form to allow Canadians ... Full Article

MP Report – Filing Your Taxes Pays

Filing Your Taxes Pays Most Canadians get a tax refund and so it pays to file your taxes.  Last year, 56% of Canadians (down from 58% the year before) received a refund with the average refund being $1,765 (up from $1,735). Low-income Canadians must file a tax return to access certain income ... Full Article


STEM Resources for Teachers The Government of Canada has a number of free resources for teachers to promote STEM education available at on its website. Things you can do in your classroom to encourage STEM Attitudes toward STEM often start in school. So, as a teacher, you’re in an ... Full Article

Information for Seniors

canada.ca/seniors The Government of Canada provides useful portal for those looking for information commonly used by Seniors at www.canada.ca/seniors. Links to information on the following items and others are available: Canada Pension Plan Guaranteed Income Supplement Old Age Security ... Full Article

Passenger Bill of Rights Proposal

  In May 2018, the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) began developing Air Passenger Protection Regulations that will establish airline obligations toward passengers, including minimum compensation levels and standards of treatment in different circumstances. The CTA consulted broadly ... Full Article

New Drone Rules

New rules for drones in Canada On January 9, 2019, the Government of Canada published new rules for flying drones in Canada. These rules will come into effect on June 1, 2019. You can read up on the new rules but you still need to follow the current rules. The new rules apply to Remotely ... Full Article

Resources for Teachers

Resources for Teachers The Library of Parliament has some excellent resources for teachers available at no cost to your school budget. Resources include handouts, videos and photos, trivia,  maps and e-booklets.  There even resources targeted to different age groups and materials for planning ... Full Article

For Teachers

This program brings together 85 educators from across Canada for a week on Parliament Hill to learn about Parliament, governance and citizenship. The deadline to apply for this opportunity is April 15, 2019. Educators can apply at www.parl.gc.ca/teachers. Full Article

MP Report – Stay Connected

Stay Connected “I just wanted to say for the first time in 30 years, I feel like I am actually connected to the government through my MP.  Your monthly mailings and this email newsletter gives me informative and relevant news & information.  Keep up the good work Len Webber,” said ... Full Article

Free Tax Clinics

Free Tax Clinics Each year, through the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program (CVITP), participating community organizations and volunteers help over half a million Canadians file their income tax and benefit returns. This shows us that Canadians are compassionate and charitable and take ... Full Article

Important Notices & Recalls

Important Notices & Recalls From time to time, we hear about product recalls, vehicle recalls, food and health product recalls, but not all of them make the daily news. The federal government provides valuable resources for Canadians to ensure that they are safe and healthy. At ... Full Article

MP Report – Decision Time

Decision Time Within the next year Albertans will be asked to go to the polls for both a provincial and federal election. The 2019 elections will be critically important for the future of our province. We are at a point where we need to decide if we want more of the same or if we […] Full Article

Safety Notices & Recalls

Important Safety Notices & Recalls The Government of Canada separates warnings, advisories, notices and recalls into four primary categories as follows:         Consumer Products Vehicles Food Health Products Get the mobile app at https://open.canada.ca/en/apps/recalls-and-safety-alerts ... Full Article


Many constituents have contacted my office asking for my position on Bill S-214, which was introduced by Conservative Senator Caroline Stewart-Olsen. As you may already know, I have been a strong advocate for the improved treatment of animals for quite some time. While a Member of the ... Full Article

Tax Scams

Taxpayers should be vigilant when they receive, either by telephone, mail, text message or email, a fraudulent communication that claims to be from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) requesting personal information such as a social insurance number, credit card number, bank account number, or ... Full Article

MP Report – Lest We Forget

Lest We Forget   This November we will commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the end of World War I.  This anniversary will make annual Remembrance ceremonies all the more poignant this year.  This year, more than ever, would be an ideal time to attend a Remembrance ceremony to thank ... Full Article

Marijuana Sales in Calgary Confederation

The City of Calgary is responsible for authorizing locations in our community for marijuana sales. This map (http://www.calgary.ca/PDA/pd/Scripts/land-use-bylaw/cannabis-store-info-map.html) shows all locations that have been approved, rejected, are under appeal or are under review. Full Article