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Introduced by:

Len Webber, MP (Conservative)

and Seconded by:

Ziad Aboultaif, MP (Conservative)

Jenica Atwin, MP (Green)

Bob Benzen, MP (Conservative)

Rachel Blaney, MP (NDP)

Richard Cannings, MP (NDP)

Pam Damoff, MP (Liberal)

Scot Davidson, MP (Conservative)

Don Davies, MP (NDP)

Matt Jeneroux, MP (Conservative)

Gord Johns, MP (NDP)

Tom Kmiec, MP (Conservative)

Alistair MacGregor, MP (NDP)

Paul Manly, MP (Green)

Elizabeth May, MP (Green)

Marty Morantz, MP (Conservative)

Robert Oliphant, MP (Liberal)

Louis Plamondon, deputé  (Bloc Quebecois)

Sonia Sidhu, MP (Liberal)

Ron McKinnon, MP (Liberal)

Michelle Rempel Garner, MP (Conservative)

Kevin Waugh, MP (Conservative)