MP Report – Remembrance

Remembering Is Something You Do During Veterans’ Week, Canadians will pay tribute in an act of Remembrance. Commemorative ceremonies and events across Canada will honour our Veterans and those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. The sacrifices and achievements of our Veterans have helped ... Full Article

E.Coli Information

E. coli (Escherichia coli) infection Causes, symptoms, risks, treatment, prevention, surveillance information and guidance for health professionals. Services and information Causes Causes of E. coli infection, how it is spread and where it is found. Symptoms Learn about the symptoms, what to ... Full Article

MP Report – Time To Give Thanks

TIME TO GIVE THANKS It is Thanksgiving and time to gather around the family table for a feast – or is it? For many families, Thanksgiving dinner will be a little leaner and will lack many of the usual trimmings as they fight to stay within their food budget.  For others, it is even worse. ... Full Article

Governor in Council Appointments

The Government of Canada allows Canadians to apply for Governor in Council (GIC) appointments. The selection process will reflect the fundamental role that more than 1500 Canadians play in our democracy as they serve on commissions, boards, Crown corporations, agencies, and tribunals across ... Full Article

Surplus Federal Land

Federal Properties For Sale The federal government regularly sells properties across Canada as part of evolving needs by various government departments. You can find information about surplus federal government properties for sale to the general public. Properties listed are either for sale, ... Full Article

MP Report – Consulting With Canadians

BE HEARD The most important principle in any democracy is the idea that the government is responsible to its people. This means that governments should pass legislation based on the wants and needs of its citizens. However, for a government to implement the will of its people, citizens need to ... Full Article

MP Report – Help Is Available

Crime Victim Help Is Available Have you or someone you know recently been the victim of a crime? As difficult as it can be to talk about, it is important to know what supports are available to you as a victim. The Canadian Victims Bill of Rights recognizes the rights of victims of crimes ... Full Article

MP Report – Volunteer To Make A Difference

Volunteer To Make A Difference Canada Day is an opportunity to celebrate our country and all those who make it better. This July, I encourage you to give back to our community and reflect on those who regularly donate their time for its improvement. If someone in your life has made significant, ... Full Article

MP Report – Where to start?

Where to start? Still in school?  Just graduated?  Looking for a second career? Just looking for a better job? Looking for a new career is a daunting process no matter your reasons or your age.  The Government of Canada has a number of useful tools that help you chart (or rechart) your ... Full Article

Career Tools

Employment Resources Here are some helpful links to Government of Canada resources for those seeking employment or a new career. Job Bank – Explore the integrated Job Bank to find your next career opportunity.   You can search for jobs by type, title, location, full-time or part-time.  ... Full Article

MP Report – Strong Communities & Strong Businesses

MP REPORT Strong Communities & Strong Businesses Whether they are comprised of just one person or thousands, businesses provide our communities with employment opportunities and the critical goods and services that we use daily. Strong businesses help build strong communities. Operating a ... Full Article

Business Benefits Finder

Business Benefits Finder Get help finding support for your business by using the handy Business Benefits Finder. After answering a few short questions, your support options will be made available for your consideration. Access the Business Benefits Finder here.   Full Article

Support for Businesses

Businesses in Canada have access to many supports through the federal government. These can include loans, capital investments, financing, grants, tax credits, wage subsidies and trade assistance. Learn more at Full Article

Underused Housing Tax

The Underused Housing Tax was introduced by the Liberal government in an effort to reduce the amount of housing in Canada that remains vacant while owners ‘sit on the investment’ as real estate prices continue to rise. The Underused Housing Tax is an annual 1% tax on the ownership ... Full Article

Increase Your Refund

Increase Your Refund When it comes to your personal income tax, you should claim all deductions, credits, and expenses that you are entitled to. To find out which deductions, credits, and expenses you can claim to reduce the amount of tax you need to pay, use the Canada Revenue Agency’s ... Full Article

Access to Information

Access To Information Canadians often hear journalists talk about getting information through the Access to Information process, but this access is not limited to journalists. Any Canadian citizen, permanent resident or any person or corporation residing in Canada has the right to request ... Full Article

Donate Blood Today

  There are two ways you can help. Every organ donor can save up to eight lives. Register today to become an organ donor in Alberta – Register Now Every blood donation is the gift of life. Blood and blood products are a critical part of everyday medical care including major surgeries, ... Full Article

Education Scholarships

Education Scholarships There are a number of education support programs available through the Government of Canada. To learn more about the following programs, please visit   Canada Graduate Scholarships ... Full Article

Updating Your Address

It is important that the Government of Canada be informed if your address has changed. For security and privacy reasons, the government uses mail as aprimary communication method. They will also use mail to send you your credentials for online access. Update your address now.   Full Article

MP Report – Getting All Your Benefits

Getting All Your Benefits Canada generous system of benefits has expanded to include the new Canada Dental Benefit and a top-up to the Canada Housing Benefit. The Canada Dental Benefit provides financial support for eligible families earning less than $90,000 per year. Parents and guardians ... Full Article