Making A Difference

Making A Difference There is a great deal of misinformation about some pieces of legislation circulating on social media.  Research the information before blindly sharing it as it is causing unnecessary anxiety and stress for those already struggling with money and health issues. The House of ... Full Article

Canada Grants and Funding Finder

You can find grants and funding by using the handy online tool provided by the Government of Canada. Funding is available in these categories: Agriculture Arts, culture and sport Business Environment For Indigenous peoples Gender equality Health International development Jobs or apprenticeship ... Full Article

Check your Passport Application Status

It should be noted that status checks are only available for passports that have exceeded the service standard. The standard processing times for applications submitted in person at a passport office is 10 business days (two weeks); Submitted by mail or in person at a Service Canada Centre is ... Full Article

MP Report – Let’s do it for Adam

Let’s do it for Adam Nothing is more tragic than losing a child before their time. In 2019, Martina and Bradley Leinweber went through the unthinkable when their son, Adam, was killed in a gliding accident. A tow plane collided with his glider mere seconds after it was released. The crash ... Full Article

MP Report – Private Members Business

Private Members’ Business The Parliamentary process seldom provides opportunities for individual Members of Parliament to introduce legislation; however, through Private Members Business (PMB), MPs may introduce legislation of their choice. MPs can introduce almost any legislation outside of ... Full Article

Statement on Ukraine

Statement on Ukraine Len Webber, MP Calgary Confederation I stand with all Canadians in solidarity with Ukraine and its people. Kyiv, the capital city of Ukraine, is home to some of my family and our history in the area goes back a long way.  While I am happy to know my family members have ... Full Article

Statement on Party Leadership

Moments ago, the Conservative Caucus took a decision on the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada and voted to move forward with the process to select a new leader. Out of respect for my caucus colleagues, I will be withholding any public comment at this time as it is a matter for ... Full Article

Statement on Trucker Protest

Recently I have received many letters regarding the trucker protest in Ottawa asking me where I stand on this particular issue and whether I attended the protest. The original intent of the trucker protest was to have the federal government drop the requirement for truckers crossing the border ... Full Article

Funding for Green Projects

FUNDING FOR GREEN PROJECTS The Government of Canada has many grant and contribution programs available for groups, organizations and individuals to support efforts to protect or conserve our natural environment.  The list of programs is quite extensive and targets specific goals like energy ... Full Article

Canada Summer Jobs 2022

Canada Summer Jobs Program Every year, I have actively encouraged local businesses and organizations to apply for the Canada Summer Jobs program and it has paid off.  If local businesses and organizations do not apply, our community will not get the available funding. Last year the Canada ... Full Article

Make a Difference

Make A Difference In Parliament, each Member of Parliament may have the opportunity to introduce a piece of legislation through a process known as a Private Member’s Bill. While there are no limits on the subject of the legislation, it can not be used to call on the government to introduce ... Full Article

Parliamentary Internship Programme

Are you interested in a ten-month paid career-starting work experience on Parliament Hill? Each year the Parliamentary Internship Programme selects 10 young professionals from across Canada to do paid, full-time work in the offices of Members of Parliament in Ottawa. The Interns pick their own ... Full Article

Internet for Good

The Telus Internet for Good program helps Canadians in need access the internet with affordable plans that start at $9.95/month for unlimited access with up to 25 megabits per second. This program is targeted at low-income seniors and families, youth aging out of care and those with ... Full Article

New Horizons for Seniors 2021

FUNDING FOR SENIORS Applications for funding under the New Horizons for Seniors program are due by December 21, 2021.  The grants support projects that address the following objectives: Promoting volunteerism among seniors and other generations; Engaging seniors in the community through the ... Full Article

Social Media

Connect with Len Webber via social media: Facebook Twitter LinkedIn YouTube Instagram         Full Article

Remembering Is Something You Do

Remembering Is Something You Do Here are some ways to engage in Remembrance: Wear a poppy above your heart, attend local Remembrance Day ceremonies, and vow never to forget; Change your profile picture on social media to a poppy and blog or tweet about the importance of remembrance; or listen ... Full Article

2021 Community Survey Results

For the fourth year in a row, I received a record number of replies to my annual Community Survey. Your input is very helpful to me and my colleagues as we enter the new session of Parliament.  While no government can be all things to all people, I will be doing my best to ensure […] Full Article

Parliamentary Page Program 2022-23

Parliamentary Page Program 2022-23 Each year, the House of Commons recruits 40 bilingual students graduating from high schools and CEGEPs from across Canada to participate in the House of Commons Page Program. Pages work directly on the floor of the House of Commons and are responsible for a ... Full Article

MP Report – We are almost there

We are almost there! Most Canadians, including millions of Albertans have received COVID-19 vaccines. The vaccine isn’t mandatory, but it’s highly recommended and is a great way to protect yourself, those you care about and our community at large. This is why I got vaccinated as ... Full Article