Making A Difference


Making A Difference

There is a great deal of misinformation about some pieces of legislation circulating on social media.  Research the information before blindly sharing it as it is causing unnecessary anxiety and stress for those already struggling with money and health issues.

The House of Commons and Senate have a fantastic tool called LegisInfo ( that allows you to see all proposed legislation, read the related debates and track its progress in real time.  You can even see who voted to support or oppose a Bill at each stage.

The Parliamentary process seldom provides opportunities for individual Members of Parliament to introduce legislation; however, through Private Members Business (PMB), MPs may introduce legislation of their choice.

MPs can introduce almost any legislation outside of the Government’s agenda provided that it does not call for budgetary spending. Members are chosen in a lottery system and may only bring forward one Bill.

Members can also be official Seconders to PMB legislation.  On the following page I will share with you some of the Bills I am officially Seconding in this Parliament.  Only 1.9% of Private Members’ Bills ever pass and by Seconding the Bills, I am taking a more active role in supporting them in the hopes they will pass.

My Bill C-210 was passed into law last year and lives will be saved as a result. My Bill allows Canadians to register as organ and tissue donors through their annual tax return.  As a result, we will register millions more donors and increase the likelihood that those awaiting a transplant get that second chance at life.

Each of these Bills represents the commitment of their sponsoring MP to improve the lives of Canadians.  I have found this part of the Parliamentary process to be a great opportunity to work across party lines, make friends in other political parties and learn more about the stories behind the legislation.

Len Webber, MP
Calgary Confederation
Alberta Caucus Chair