MP Report – Where to start?

Where to start?

Still in school?  Just graduated?  Looking for a second career? Just looking for a better job?

Looking for a new career is a daunting process no matter your reasons or your age.  The Government of Canada has a number of useful tools that help you chart (or rechart) your future.  All of the digital resources below are available at   By making the right decisions early, you can save time, money, and stress when it comes to career choices.

Your best job performance and satisfaction comes when your career matches your personality and skills. offers three personality quizzes that help identify your style of thinking and understanding, your learning style and your work values.  The results of each personality test helps you better understand how you may fit with future employers.

By using the career possibilities quizzes, individuals can determine how their unique interests, abilities and skills fit with possible fields of interest.  The second quiz helps you identify what are your strong skills and the third quiz lets you discover how you like to work.  The results help you focus your employment search in areas where you are most likely to be satisfied and successful.

Once you find careers you are interested in, you can use the Job Profiles section to find out more about that specific career and the available opportunities.  Just search the job and enter a location (city or province) and you will find out more about the common education requirements, the average pay, available jobs, and what skills are most recommended.

Once you have used the tools above, use the integrated Job Bank to find that next career opportunity.   You can search for jobs by type, title, location, full-time or part-time.  You can also find access to government supported job training opportunities.  Happy hunting!