MP Report – Consulting With Canadians


The most important principle in any democracy is the idea that the government is responsible to its people. This means that governments should pass legislation based on the wants and needs of its citizens. However, for a government to implement the will of its people, citizens need to be regularly consulted on their wants and needs. This takes place every time you vote. However, there are many options between elections to have your voice heard. One of the most significant ways to do this is to participate in public consultations.

Public consultations, which are regularly used by all levels of government, allow Canadians to comment in detail on government plans, laws, and regulations. It fosters open dialogue between the government and the public, promoting transparency and accountability in decision-making. It provides a platform for citizens to actively participate in shaping policies that affect their lives.

This process is particularly useful for those with interest or expertise in certain fields, especially for those that feel their perspective is not being considered. It also allows stakeholders, academics, and industry experts the opportunity to have their say. The greater the number and diversity of participants, the better these plans will reflect the needs and circumstances of individuals from across the country. This consultation process also allows the government to consider unique circumstances into consideration that might have otherwise not been considered.

The Government of Canada regularly asks for feedback from stakeholders, industry experts, and everyday Canadians through the public consultation process. It is the responsibility of each of us to ensure that we are staying informed about these opportunities to participate in our democracy. Currently, there are over 900 public consultations underway across all departments of the Government of Canada. You can find these consultations at