MP Report – Time To Give Thanks


It is Thanksgiving and time to gather around the family table for a feast – or is it?

For many families, Thanksgiving dinner will be a little leaner and will lack many of the usual trimmings as they fight to stay within their food budget.  For others, it is even worse.

The price of groceries continues to increase dramatically as stubbornly high inflation rates continue to drive up grocery bills across Canada.  Our community is not immune to these challenges and an increasing number of our neighbours are finding it harder to feed their families.

The statistics are sobering.  Almost one in five Canadians are facing food insecurity.  Roughly 1.5 million Canadians visit a food bank in any given month and one-third of food bank users are children.

Canada’s first food bank opened in 1981 in Edmonton.  Today, the need is greater than ever and there are over 640 food banks in Canada.  Food banks are now reporting that usage has more than doubled in many locations since last year.  At the same time, donations are slowing as past donors struggle to make their own ends meet.

Food insecurity has devastating effects on individuals and families.  It leads to conflict in the home, poor health outcomes, mental health issues, suicide and reduced educational performance.  Furthermore, the psychological effects of suffering through food insecurity can last a lifetime.

I am asking those that are able to donate to consider helping out those in our community by donating to the Calgary Food Bank.  Please visit or call 403-253-2059 to donate.  If you are in need of food, please visit their website or call 403-253-2055.