MP Report – Strong Communities & Strong Businesses



Strong Communities & Strong Businesses

Whether they are comprised of just one person or thousands, businesses provide our communities with employment opportunities and the critical goods and services that we use daily. Strong businesses help build strong communities.

Operating a business of any size can be a challenge, but the federal government has many options to help. These can include loans, capital investments, financing, grants, tax credits, wage subsidies and trade assistance. You can find out more about all the programs at

If you do not know where to start, you can use the Business Benefits Finder tool ( to help guide you in the right direction. After answering a few multiple-choice questions, support options will be provided for your consideration.

We also know finding labour has been a challenge for all businesses, especially those in the hospitality and accommodation industries. The federal government can help both those offering employment and those seeking employment through the federal Job Bank at This website has thousands of careers available across Canada and is a trusted resource for those seeking or offering employment opportunities. There are currently over 22,000 job postings in Alberta alone.

If running a business is proving more complex than you originally thought, there is help available. The federal government regularly publishes information to help small businesses operate more smoothly and to increase your business knowledge. You can get help on preparing a business loan proposal, advice on when to borrow money or not, how to hire employees, marketing and more. All this is available through BDC at

Most often, the hardest part of running, or starting, a business is knowing where to find good help and advice. Please consider sharing this information to make it a little easier for our businesses in our community.