Retirement Hub


New Retirement Hub

June is Seniors Month and a great time to highlight a number of services and benefits that the federal government provides for seniors.  The best place to get information is at

This year the federal government has launched Retirement Hub which is available at

Retirement Hub is the best place to learn about, and plan for, your retirement.  It is never too early or too late to learn about your retirement options and plan for your retirement.  In fact, the earlier you start your planning, the more options you will have available to you.

The retirement process is broken down into four steps – learn, plan, apply and manage.

Learning involves getting information about your retirement income options, government retirement programs and your pension choices.  You can learn about investment tips, pension calculations and managing multiple income sources for your retirement.

Planning involves taking a three-minute quiz that will help you create a personalized checklist to guide you through the next steps.  It is critical to know what benefits you will be entitled to and how these sources of income align with your retirements needs (and dreams).

You can not rely solely on government benefits for your retirement.  There are many options available for you to save for your own retirement and, depending on your situation, some are better than others.

Finally, and if you are at that point, applying for retirement benefits is the next step.  The Retirement Hub will help you navigate this process to ensure you get all your benefits.

Any person can visit at any time to make sure they are getting all the federal benefits they are entitled to.  A quick multiple-choice quiz will generate a personalized report with all the information you need to apply.