MP Report – You May Be Eligible For Benefits

You May Be Eligible For Benefits

Canada has a generous system of benefits to assist Canadians through various stages of life; from child benefits and student loans, to unemployment benefits and retirement benefits.

There are many benefits available that are often overlooked.  The Government of Canada has a very useful online tool available that makes sure you are aware of these benefits.

Visit and use the online ‘benefits finder’ which generates personalized results based on a few simple multiple-choice questions.

I would encourage you to try this tool even if you do not think you may be entitled to any benefits.  People are often surprised to find out they are eligible for assistance in buying electric cars, modifying their homes, education saving, retirement saving and more.

Most assistance programs require up-to-date tax filings, so it is also very important that those looking to access benefits keep up-to-date on their taxes.  The Canada Revenue Agency has thousands of volunteers who can also assist with this task.

Should you encounter difficulties getting your benefits, my staff and I are here to assist you.  Often, we can assist you over the telephone, or by email, without the need for an appointment.