MP Report – Small Change, Big Impact

Small Change, Big Impact

In 2021, the House of Commons unanimously passed my Private Members Bill C-210.  This Bill allows Canadians to indicate their willingness to become an organ and tissue donor through their tax forms.

This past tax season, the question appeared on the annual tax forms in Ontario and Nunavut.

The government has now revealed that 2,450,000 Canadians in Ontario and Nunavut indicated that they want to become an organ and tissue donor on their tax return.  This provides hope for the 4,700 Canadians awaiting a life-saving transplant.

This sensible approach will save lives of Canadians who are in desperate need of a transplant.  Other provinces, including Alberta, did not participate in the first tax year this option was made available.  The overwhelming success of this initiative in Ontario and Nunavut will surely encourage other provinces to participate this coming tax season.

I have worked for over a decade to improve the outcomes for Canadians in need of a life-saving transplant.  When I was a Member of the Alberta Legislature in 2013, I brought forward legislation that created the Alberta organ and tissue donor registry and implemented the donor heart designation on Alberta drivers’ licences.

When I was elected to Ottawa, I worked hard to get this common-sense Bill passed.  I am overwhelmed with the success of this initiative and I foresee the day when Canada could be the first nation without a transplant waiting list.

It should be noted that when Canadians indicate that they intend to become an organ and tissue donor through their tax form, their contact information is passed along to their provincial and territorial registries so that they can finalize the registration process.  There is never a sharing of your health information with the Canada Revenue Agency.

Consider giving the gift of life and register to be a donor today.