MP Report – Make Your Mark


Make Your Mark

It has been an absolute privilege to be your elected representative in Calgary Confederation since the riding was created in 2015.  I will be standing for re-election in October as the candidate for the Conservative Party of Canada.  Other candidates will put their names forward for election and I applaud them for participating in our democratic process.

Even if you do not support a candidate (or their volunteers) who comes to your door, please treat them with respect and remember that they are simply trying to advocate their position for a better Canada.  We would not enjoy the healthy democracy we have in Canada if we did not have a variety of candidates and policies to choose from.

Some residents have contacted my office wondering if they are registered to vote.

In the past (a long time ago) Elections Canada used to go door-to-door to register voters, but now they maintain a permanent voters list instead.  This list is updated regularly using various government database sharing agreements, but this does not guarantee you are registered to vote.

Ensuring you are registered to vote will ensure your voting experience is as simple and as efficient as possible.  While you can still vote if you are not registered, the process requires additional effort and time on voting day.

You can check to see if you are registered by visiting and following the links.

Finally, voting is a responsibility of citizenship.  There are thousands of Canadians who died so that you can have the ability to vote in a free and fair democracy.  Honour their sacrifice by exercising your right to vote.