Member’s Statement – 2023.03.09 – Medical Assistance In Dying


Members’ Statement
March 9, 2023

Mr. Len Webber (Calgary Confederation, CPC):  Mr. Speaker, in 2016, my constituent 20-year-old Anton came into my office asking for access to medical assistance in dying.

He was a strong, strapping, articulate young man who was suffering mentally and wanted to die. Shockingly, he had never seen a doctor about it.

We talked for hours and I encouraged Anton not to give up and to get professional help — which he did.

This meeting profoundly convinced me that those whose sole condition is mental illness, should not have access to medical assistance in dying.

Many Canadians are just not getting the mental help they need. My Conservative colleagues and I do not believe that medical assistance in dying is an acceptable solution to mental illness and psychological suffering.

Conservatives wish to put vulnerable Canadians back in control of their lives. We want to see them get the help they need. Provide them with the social and mental health supports that they need.

We must never give up on anyone.

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