Member’s Statement – 2021.06.11 – Residential Schools


Members’ Statement
June 11, 2021

Mr. Len Webber (Calgary Confederation, CPC):

Mr. Speaker,

Children’s shoes and toys were placed in front of the former Kamloops Indian Residential School in British Columbia this past week.

The memorial to 215 Indigenous children that died in just one residential school.  It has shocked our nation.

These children were taken from their families and never came home.

Each one is a tragic story and together they are a horrifying reminder of what our nation did to those poor kids, their families and their culture.

Sadly, the more we learn, the more we weep.  Just when you think you have heard the worst, another chapter in this shameful history of Canada is unearthed.

We all have a duty to learn more about this tragic and devastating part of Canada’s history, so that as a nation we can heal and grow together. We can’t undo the past, but we can learn from it and commit to doing our part to support the healing and reconciliation.


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