Member’s Statement – 2021.04.12 – Organ & Tissue Donor Awareness Month

Members’ Statement
April 12, 2021

Mr. Len Webber (Calgary Confederation, CPC):

Mr. Speaker, April is organ and tissue donation awareness month. It is a month to highlight and raise awareness about the critical need for more donors across the country. It is a month that encourages Canadians to register their decision. Most importantly, it is a month to encourage Canadians to have important conversations with their friends and loved ones about their decision to donate and ensure their organ donation wishes are understood.

Every week, five Canadians die awaiting a life-saving transplant. Every week we lose five Canadians who could have enjoyed many more years of life had they received a transplant. Every day we dispose of perfectly good organs while others in our community sit by the phone waiting for that second chance at life. Sadly, the pandemic has reduced transplants by 30% this past year.

Canadians overwhelmingly support organ and tissue donation, but we need to take that support just one more step. Canadians should register with their provincial registries today, tell their loved ones that they want to save a life when they die and ask them to respect their final wishes.

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