Genealogy, Family and Military History


Genealogy, Family and Military History

There are many records that can help you learn more about your ancestor’s experiences, including the census, naturalization records, immigration records, and military records. Read on to find resources that can help you with your research.

Census records – Search and access copies of censuses

Immigration records – Use these general instructions on using immigration records to do genealogical research

Citizenship and naturalization – Resources for researching citizenship and naturalization records

Military history – Explore the history of Canadians at war

Employment records – Researching a person’s employment, including those who were self-employed

Ethno-cultural groups – Find resources for researching people from any ethno-cultural group in Canada

Canadian Virtual War Memorial – The Canadian Virtual War Memorial (CVWM) is a registry to honour and remember the sacrifices of the more than 118,000 Canadians and Newfoundlanders who, since Confederation, have given their lives serving in uniform. The names of fallen soldiers found in the CVWM are inscribed in the seven Books of Remembrance.

The Canadian Virtual War Memorial also includes the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)’s Honour Roll. The RCMP Honour Roll remembers those who lost their lives while performing operational police functions.

Military Service Records – Search military service records of those who died in the World Wars.