Free Tax Clinics

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Free Tax Clinics

 Each year, through the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program (CVITP), participating community organizations and volunteers help over half a million Canadians file their income tax and benefit returns. This shows us that Canadians are compassionate and charitable and take satisfaction in providing a valuable service to members of their community.

What is the CVITP?

The CVITP is a collaboration between participating community organizations and the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). These organizations host free tax preparation clinics and arrange for volunteers to prepare tax returns for eligible individuals. The CRA provides coordinators to guide organizations as they deliver the program, and offers training and tax software for volunteers.

Who does the CVITP help?

The CVITP helps taxpayers who have a modest income and a simple tax situation. This may include:

  • Aboriginal peoples
  • social assistance recipients
  • newcomers to Canada
  • seniors
  • youth

Can you charge a fee for CVITP services?

Community organizations and volunteers cannot charge for their services as CVITP services are free of charge. You must decline any offers of monetary reward. Anyone found charging a fee for CVITP services will be removed from the program and their EFILE account for CVITP will be suspended.


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