Member’s Statement – 2018.03.29 – Constable Jordan Forget

Members’ Statement
March 29, 2018

Mr. Len Webber (Calgary Confederation, CPC):

Mr. Speaker, most of us go to work in the morning expecting to come home again. This is not a luxury that our nation’s frontline law enforcement officers enjoy. Their jobs are unpredictable, and so are the consequences of their work.

Every day they go to work hoping they will come home after their shift. Every day they put their lives on the line. Every day we borrow these courageous individuals from their families. Their families live in a constant state of trepidation, until they hear the reassuring sound of the front door opening.

This week, Constable Jordan Forget, a five-year member of the Calgary Police Service, was shot twice in the line of duty. While his injuries are serious, he is stable and expected to recover from his wounds, and thank God for that.

    On behalf of all Calgarians, we just want to thank Jordan and his fellow officers for their service. We wish Jordan a speedy and full recovery and look forward to having him back on duty again.

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