Statement on Party Leadership

Moments ago, the Conservative Caucus took a decision on the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada and voted to move forward with the process to select a new leader.

Out of respect for my caucus colleagues, I will be withholding any public comment at this time as it is a matter for internal discussion and we are in the process of selecting an interim leader.

I have heard from constituents and party members both in support and opposed to the continued leadership of the current leader and I thank folks for their input, suggestions and opinions.

Finally, I also want to thank Hon. Erin O’Toole and his family for the tireless effort and dedication they have put forward behalf of all Canadians.  It takes courage to run for high office and Canada is fortunate to have folks like Erin step forward to support our democratic process.

Kind regards,

Len Webber, MP
Calgary Confederation