Post Pandemic Travel


Post Pandemic Travel

As vaccinations increase and COVID cases continue to decrease, Canadians are now starting to think about travelling or having visitors come to Canada.  Any travel at this time puts you at increased risk of contracting COVID and should be carefully considered.

While many aspects of international travel are yet to be determined and travel rules remain fluid, we do know that travel will not return to normal for some time yet.

Anyone travelling in the foreseeable future must accept that rules regarding travel, border entry, testing and quarantine requirements may change at any time and may result in unanticipated delays and additional costs.  If you travel, you must be prepared to accept these unknown risks.  Many requirements will be imposed by other nations and are beyond the control of the Canadian government.

Until travel returns to normal, it will be important to stay informed about the rules you or your visitors will have to follow.

Those planning on having visitors from outside Canada, or those returning to Canada, should consult for the latest information.  Requirements will likely be different depending on your mode of travel, port of entry and the purpose of your trip.

Any Canadian travelling outside Canada should download the ArriveCAN app on their phone and register themselves at so that the Government of Canada can be aware of your whereabouts and get you critical information if needed.  In the past, those registered have been prioritized for assistance abroad.

Any Canadian abroad can receive 24/7 emergency assistance by emailing or by calling collect to 613-996-8885.  Those in need of assistance should call directly if possible.

Finally, while the COVID situation in Canada is improving, this is not the case in many countries.  Anyone travelling is always advised to consult the Government of Canada travel advisories for their destination at