MP Report

mailboxsMake Sure You’re Heard

As your Member of Parliament for Calgary Confederation, it is my job to represent you in Ottawa.

To effectively represent you I use a variety of methods to gauge your input on a number of issues.

I read your letters, your emails and canvass homes in the riding by going door-to-door.

These interactions allow me to know what issues you feel are the most important, how you want to be represented and get critical feedback on issues of the day.

Another way I get input from all residents is to send mailings to your home.  I use these mailings as a way to inform you of critical information as well as getting your feedback on issues before Parliament.

For example, while I supported making our national anthem gender-neutral, the response I receive via my community mailings was clear.  When asked, 82% of constituents favoured keeping the existing lyrics for our national anthem.  As a result, I voted in favour of keeping the existing wording as it is my job to represent you.

If you don’t respond to my mailings, you may not be represented on issues before Parliament in the way you want to be.  I can’t encourage you enough to participate in these surveys to ensure you are heard.

Recent issues I have focused on in my mailings are unemployment, electoral reform, organ donation, seniors, carbon taxes and voting rules.

Each month, thousands of constituents are kept regularly informed through my timely email newsletter.

While thousands receive this free email, there continues to be thousands who do not because I don’t have your email address.  Please go to my website at to sign up.  If you decide later that you wish to unsubscribe from my newsletter, I can remove your email at any time.  In the meantime, you may be quite surprised at the useful and interesting information I pass along.

Included in that email newsletter is a poll that has proven to be one of the most popular features.  Again, I would like to have your opinions on these issues.

A healthy democracy requires a good dialogue between citizens and their elected representatives.  Those who do not participate in their democracy are destined to be represented by those that do.  Please consider getting more involved and ensure you are heard.