Environment Plan

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Andrew Leach, Energy and Environmental Economist, Associate Professor at the Alberta School of Business at the University of Alberta 


  • “This is such an important shift with some real policy meat in the document… let me emphasize how thrilled I am that we have a CPC carbon pricing plan backed by professional modelling and that we can fight about details.”


Nic Rivers, Associate Professor, University of Ottawa and Canada Research Chair in Climate and Energy Policy


  • “Overall, I’m impressed…”
  • “…it’s a serious plan…”
  • “I’m really happy to see competition for stronger environmental policy, rather than weaker. Modeling shows approach meets target.”


Dave Sawyer, Principal Economist, Canadian Institute for Climate Choices 


  • “The conservative plan is credible.”


Dale Beugin, VP Research and Analysis, Canadian Institute for Climate Choices


  • “First, credit where credit is due for a serious plan. They’ve used modelling to ensure no magical thinking. They’re relying on policies that will drive real emissions reductions. They are taking climate policy seriously.”


Dan Kelly, President and CEO of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB)


  • “Encouraged the plan focuses on a low carbon savings acct for small business, allowing them to benefit directly from what they pay. It appears to fix the unfair cross-subsidization of the current fed carbon backstop.”


David McGown, Executive Director, Canadian Business for Climate Policy


  • “The December 2020 commitment by the Conservative Party of Canada to Net Zero and the release of its Climate Plan today are credible steps towards Canada achieving its 2030 Paris Accord commitments. This growing climate consensus increases business community confidence that credible economic policy delivering effective climate outcomes can be sustained.”


Michael Bernstein, Executive Director, Clean Prosperity


  • “The climate plan proposed by Erin O’Toole today is a significant step in the right direction for the Conservative Party of Canada and for climate action… the Conservative plan presents a credible path to meeting Canada’s 2030 Paris targets.”


Insurance Bureau of Canada


  • “Pleased with the entire plan, particularly p14 on adaptation which is very strong. We commend Erin O’Toole & CPC HQ for launching this plan. The effects of climate change are being felt now by Canadians nationwide in terms of flooding, wildfires, wind & hailstorms. This plan will make Canadians & their communities safter and more financially resilient.”


Business Council of Canada


  • “We welcome the Conservative Party’s new climate action plan. We agree that it’s important to put a price on carbon and to provide incentives for Canadians to reduce their GHG emissions.”


Merran Smith, Executive Director at Clean Energy Canada


  • “We were pleasantly surprised to see the Conservative climate plan has its own version of a carbon price and acknowledges the economic efficiency of the policy.”
  • “The Conservative climate plan proposes a zero-emission vehicle mandate, a proven policy requiring automakers to sell more electric vehicles in Canada… implementing the measure federally would help ensure that Canadians across the country can buy the electric vehicles they’re looking for. It would also help Canada secure a stronger foothold in the growing economic opportunity that is building EVs and their components.”
  • “Ultimately, the Conservative climate plan is a real step in the right direction.”


Michael Bernstein, Executive Director, Clean Prosperity


  • “The climate plan proposed by Erin O’Toole today is a significant step in the right direction for the Conservative Party of Canada and for climate action.”


Renewable Industries Canada (RI Canada)


  • “Renewable Industries Canada is pleased to see that the new Conservative plan to price carbon, create incentives to reduce carbon emissions, and ensure the market signals needed to successfully invest at home and competitively trade abroad.”
  • “We also welcome the proposed low-carbon fuel standard (LCFS) to help decarbonize the transportation sector, one of the most pressing challenges facing the environment.”
  • “The adaption of a LCFS had proven successful in other jurisdictions and can provide a central pillar for the clean fuels economy as we strive for a Net Zero future.  We believe that a well-structured LCFS will drive investment to enable Canada to become a world leader in the production of biofuels, sustainable aviation fuel and green hydrogen.”


Indigenous Leadership Initiative 


  • “It is great to see growing support for Indigenous-led conservation: The Conservative Party of Canada’s new climate plan calls for expanding the creation of IPCAs and the Indigenous Guardians that manage them.”


Boreal Conservation Campaign


  • “Inclusion of Indigenous Guardians and Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas (IPCAs). You have been champions for this work and I am deeply grateful for your advocacy in pushing these proposals forward. On behalf of the International Boreal Conservation Campaign (IBCC), I want to sincerely thank you and Mr. O’Toole for including these critical initiatives in your Climate Change action plan.”


Nature United, Canada


  • “We applaud big investments in natural climate solutions to help reduce Canadian emissions through supporting Indigenous-led conservation, restoring forests & wetlands, and working with the forest & agriculture sectors. We must act now to create green jobs and take climate action.”


Fertilizer Canada 


  • “Very excited to see the references to 4R Nutrient Stewardship, CCUS, and new agricultural offset protocols.”