MP Report – Stay Connected

Stay Connected

“I just wanted to say for the first time in 30 years, I feel like I am actually connected to the government through my MP.  Your monthly mailings and this email newsletter gives me informative and relevant news & information.  Keep up the good work Len Webber,” said Claudia who went on to say, “I didn’t vote for you or your party, which is why I’m even more impressed!”

As your Member of Parliament for Calgary Confederation, it is my job to represent you in Ottawa, no matter how you voted in the last election.

I read your letters, your emails and canvass homes in the riding by going door-to-door.  These interactions allow me to know what issues are important to you and how you want to be represented on those issues.

I regularly send mailings to your home as a way to inform you of critical information as well as getting your feedback on matters before Parliament.

I can’t encourage you enough to participate in these surveys to ensure you are heard.  If you don’t respond to my mailings, you may not be represented on issues before Parliament in the way you want to be.

Each month, thousands and thousands of constituents are kept regularly informed through my timely email newsletter.  Please go to my website at to sign up.  You may be quite surprised at the useful and interesting information included each month.

Included in that email newsletter is a poll that has proven to be one of the most popular features.  Again, I would like to have your opinions on these issues.

A healthy democracy requires a good dialogue between citizens and their elected representatives.  Those who do not participate in their democracy are destined to be represented by those that do.  Please consider getting more connected and ensure you are heard.