Member’s Statement – 2021.02.16 – Fitness Industry

Members’ Statement
February 16, 2021

Mr. Len Webber (Calgary Confederation, CPC):


Madam Speaker, the pandemic has devastated many small businesses throughout the country.

Many are struggling to stay open, and for others it is just too late. One of the sectors hardest hit is the fitness industry.

A constituent of mine, Emily Slaneff, who owns and operates the CrushCamp in the east village of Calgary, like all in the fitness industry, is desperate for a strong recovery.

She knows very well that the health of Canadians has suffered throughout this pandemic, and Canada needs to get back into shape, not only financially and mentally, but physically as well.

As she pointed out to me, the Liberal government would do well to consider bringing back the Conservative fitness tax credit or making fitness memberships tax deductible.

This would get people back into the fitness facilities and back into fitness routines who otherwise would not be able to because of the financial hardships this pandemic has caused.

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