Member’s Statement – 2017.04.12 – Daffodil Campaign

Members’ Statement
April 12, 2017

Mr. Len Webber (Calgary Confederation, CPC):

Mr. Speaker, every three minutes, cancer picks a fight with another Canadian. That is over 200,000 new cases of cancer diagnosis every year in this country, and those numbers are projected to increase by nearly 40% by 2030.

Even with these disappointing numbers, the overall cancer survival rate has increased from 35%, back in the 1950s, to over 60% today, thanks in part to research funded by daffodil sales.

April is daffodil month, and by making a donation, by buying a daffodil pin, or buying the actual flower, it means that we are supporting a long history of helping people with cancer and funding lifesaving research, education, and support services.

 Please support the annual Canadian Cancer Society’s April daffodil campaign


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