Question Period – 2017.10.20 – Tax Changes

October 20, 2017

Mr. Len Webber (Calgary Confederation, CPC):

Mr. Len Webber (Calgary Confederation, CPC): Mr. Speaker, the finance minister failed to declare his offshore corporation to the Ethics Commissioner. He was required to disclose this two years ago, but he claims though that it was because of early administrative errors. No one is buying this. He hid this from Canadians until he got caught.

    How can we trust anything the minister says now when we know he has been deceiving Canadians for so long?

    Mr. Joël Lightbound (Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Finance, Lib.): Mr. Speaker, we have all the trust in the Ethics Commissioner to set the right path forward for parliamentarians to provide good recommendations. This minister has worked with the Ethics Commissioner from the very beginning to make sure he is in full compliance with the rules and follows her recommendations, which he has done. Yesterday, as I have mentioned, he has announced he will go even further to avoid the distraction and keep focusing on the real work he has been doing for Canadians for the last two years: steering our economy back into the right direction, the direction of growth and prosperity for all.

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