Question Period – 2017.09.22 – Tax Changes

September 22, 2017

Mr. Len Webber (Calgary Confederation, CPC):

Mr. Speaker, my constituent Lana wrote:

     As a young woman with a professional corporation…I know first hand how hard I have to work to earn every penny that I make…. No maternity leave, no sick days, no overtime, no bonuses, no paid vacation time, no pension, variable income between pay checks, and so on…. these…changes will make it even more difficult for us.

    Why do the Liberals want Lana to pay significantly more in taxes, while the family fortunes of the Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance will not be touched? How is that fair to Lana?

Mr. Joël Lightbound (Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Finance, Lib.):

    Mr. Speaker, I want to assure my colleague that we are listening and that, on this side of the House, we would never, ever, adopt any measures that would put women at a disadvantage relative to men. That is why we are listening to all Canadians to get this right and make sure there are no unintended consequences. Our sole objective is to make our tax system fairer where it needs it.

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