Question Period – 2016.10.21 – Calgary Unemployment

October 21, 2016

MP Len Webber in the House of Commons

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Mr. Len Webber (Calgary Confederation, CPC): Madam Speaker, it is no secret that the Alberta economy is suffering and Albertans are suffering. There is growing frustration. The Liberals have given up even trying to help. The evidence is clear. It has been one year since the Liberals promised sunny ways. In that time, Calgary’s unemployment rate has grown by 36%, higher than the national average. The Liberals keep hiking taxes and making things worse. Why are the Liberals kicking Calgarians when they are already down?

 Hon. Bill Morneau (Minister of Finance, Lib.): Madam Speaker, we take very seriously the challenges facing people in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Newfoundland and Labrador. We know that resource prices are hitting that province hard. We have made a number of decisions that are making a difference for people in Alberta, and across Canada: the tax decreases, which are helping them; the Canada child benefit, which helps nine out of ten families with more money in their pockets; and, the changes to our employment insurance system, which makes a difference in softening the landing. In the long term, we are making investments that can help to grow our economy, and grow the economy of Alberta.

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